10 Blind Musicians Who Inspire With Their Talent and Bravery

10. Art Tatum

Art TatumArthur Tatum Jr. was born October 13, 1909and became one of the great American jazz pianists.  Arthur had impaired vision as an infant, likely related to cataracts.  In his early twenties he was attacked, leaving left him completely blind in his left eye and with  limited vision in his right eye.  He consistently downplayed his blindness, not wanting to bring any attention to it.  In fact, when he performed, he made sure he did not need to be led on stage to his piano.

Arthur's technical ability was deemed outstanding by his fellow. Many pianists attempted to emulate him.  He was awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.  In addition he was posthumously awarded the 1973 Grammy for Best Jazz Performance by a Soloist.

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