A Chance at Employment Notwithstanding Blindness
blindnessLarry Woods was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, the growth of tiny collections of inflammatory cells in different parts of the body, at a young age. He was treated with the steroid Prednisone which wreaked havoc on his optic nerve eventually leading to blindness due to glaucoma. While it seems like life was conspiring against him, Woods pursued his dream nevertheless. Larry completed his schooling at South Arkansas Community College, graduating with the highest grade point average in Liberal Arts, and now wants a chance at employment.

"People with vision impairment need the same opportunities as other individuals to give us a chance to make a difference in our communities, help us provide ourselves with a normal lifestyle financially as well as mentally and emotionally, says Larry Woods.

San Diego Center for the Blind offers vision rehabilitation services that rebuild independence. We have several programs that can help improve your life quality.

El Dorado man says blindness will not stop him from achieving dreams

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