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A forgotten society and the photographer who is bringing them to the forefront
Picture of a stairway leading to the balcony of a building with a tree branch in the forefront.German photographer Marcel Maffei has created a project based on a small settlement on the outskirts of Tibilsi, Georgia. Established in the 1930’s by the Soviet government to house people who were blind or visually impaired, the complex is now run down and nearly forgotten by many of the residents of surrounding areas.
Maffei started the project after visiting an exhibit in Tibilsi and coming across the settlement for the visually impaired. He wanted to raise awareness of a group who has been marginalized within the country.
To read more about the group living in this settlement and learn more about his photographs, visit the article.
If you are dealing with vision loss, we can help you learn skills to adapt. Visit our First Steps After Vision Loss page to learn more.
Leftovers from a fallen society

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