Adapting To Life With Blindness

Picture of Sayali ApteSayali Apte was 23 years old when her life changed irreversibly. A terrible accident led to permanent blindness for the young entrepreneur. The loss of vision turned her life upside down and severely impacted her mental health. One day, Apte had an epiphany: she could not restore her sight, but she could choose to persevere. Adapting to life with blindness was a process.

On her long road to recovery, Sayali’s doctors informed her that another surgery might partially restore her vision. She had had 12 surgeries before but held on to hope that she might be able to see her daughter grow up. The thirteenth surgery proved successful. When she awoke from the procedure, the heart monitor appeared before her eye. She could read her name on the medical chart. Naturally, it was an emotional moment for Apte. From depression and negativity to hope and positivity.

“When you spend so much time alone in the dark and unable to see yourself, your sense of identity goes out the window,” said Apte. “I now have a real appreciation for the power of positivity and what role the mind can play in helping the body recover from injury.”

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“From Blindness To Boss Lady: How One Entrepreneur Turned Her Pain Into Power”

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