Apps that help with a multitude of daily tasks
a hand holds an iPhone with a thumb hovering over an appEvery day, new apps are being introduced to help those who are visually impaired and blind in a multitude of tasks. This article highlights just a few of the popular apps on the market right now.
Visual Access is an app that connects a visually impaired person to a “Visual Agent”. The Visual Agent can help identify surroundings and objects to complete tasks and remain as independent as possible
Be My Eyes is an app that connects visually impaired and the blind to sighted individuals who can assist in various tasks. The sighted individual will describe things that the user points out to the camera.
The VizWiz app allows the user to take a picture and record questions to send it to someone who will provide assistance. The app works with Web Worker, IQ Engine, email or Twitter.

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Needed sighted help? Get it on demand with these apps!

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