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Artist Chris Visions Blindness Leads to Cornea Transplant Surgery
blindnessChris Visions, an artist who is known for Dead Letters and Gwen-Spider, is blind in his left eye due to Keratoconus, a progressive eye disease. Visions will undergo cornea transplant surgery at the end of the month.  Keratoconus runs in the family; Chris’ father has had three cornea transplants for blindness.

"To catch you up if you don't know, Keratoconus (what I've had since high school) is basically when your round eye decides overtime it wants to be a football. Eyeball, you’re not a football, silly," Visions wrote on Facebook. "The condition stresses the cornea, distorting vision and refracting light in weird ways. Eventually it thins your cornea to the point of a tear, i.e. where I am. So now I'm basically looking through a scar on my eye, which allows little to no visibility, mostly just light."

If you are living with total or partial blindness, SDCB has some programs that can help.

Chris Visions Undergoing Eye Surgery Following Partial Blindness

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