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Avoid These Mistakes When Talking About Blindness
Sensitivity When Talking To Those Who Have Visual ImpairmentPerhaps the greatest obstacle for blind and visually-impaired people is not their disability at all, but the ignorance of others. Even when sighted people are well meaning, they can make assumptions that can make the lives of blind and visually-impaired people and their loved ones harder.

Here are 23 quotes from people with blindness or other visual impairment. They will ring true to anyone who is blind, visually impaired, or with a loved with visual impairment. And they are a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the mistakes society makes when talking about visual impairment. 

What’s the most shocking remark you’ve heard spoken to someone living with a disability? What was your response? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

23 Truths Visually Impaired People Want You To Know

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