Blind People Can Overcome Obstacles With Help

Picture of Arturo Soto With His Guide Dog VangieLiving with vision loss or blindness is not easy, but blind people can overcome obstacles with help. Arturo Soto graduated high school this spring, despite having lost his vision in early 2020. Naturally, the sudden loss of vision left Soto feeling discouraged. What’s more, he began to withdraw from his friends and began isolating. However, Soto has a new lease on life thanks to his new guide dog Vangie.

Before he was paired with Vangie, a 2-year-old yellow lab, Soto relied on a white cane to detect obstacles. Soto says that he became frustrated by constantly bumping into objects and other people. Vangie has solved a lot of the problems that Soto had been experiencing.

“I call her my super dog,” Soto said of the 2-year-old yellow Lab. “She’s a great listener ... she’s a partner in crime. I owe a lot to her because she’s given me new strength.”

Please reach out to SDCB to learn more about the programs and services we offer for visually impaired and blind people.

“Blindness isn’t an obstacle to success”

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