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iPads, Vision Testing and the Ophthalmology of the Future

amsler grid app for ios screenshotA new study shows that a huge majority of patients with age-related macular degeneration prefer to test their vision with an iPad app rather than with traditional methods. As a result of this new testing method, ophthalmologist Matthias Hartmann finds that patients are much more involved and engaged in their disease, saying, "It's like a game, and many tell us they think they can do better." Dr. Hartmann sees technology for routine self-monitoring of vision loss as the future and that "[o]nce a patient notices their vision decreasing, we can bring them in for additional testing." Read more here (requires free registration): iPad Vision Test Big Hit With Macular Degeneration Patients

Image description: A screenshot from the iOS vision test app Eyetest - Control your visual acuity showing an Amsler grid test
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