New Documentary Offers Intimate Look at Vision Loss

Going Blind is a Still photo from the documentary Going Blinddocumentary that increases awareness of sight loss and the profound effect it has on the lives of people. The director, Joseph Lovette, is losing his vision to glaucoma. In response, he began investigating how people all over the country, of different ages and backgrounds, respond to vision loss. The result is a series of fascinating stories about members of the visually impaired community, and how through them Joe receives a guiding light in a darkening world. Intimate anecdotes provide a glimpse into the world of low vision and blindness for sighted and visually impaired viewers alike. Check out the trailer and learn more about the film here: Going Blind

Image description: Still photo from the documentary Going Blind, featuring two men, one of whom uses a white cane, navigating the streets of New York City
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