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2 Multimedia Lessons on Cooking with Vision Loss

wooden cooking utensilsIt's actually easier than you might think to continue cooking after vision loss, or to begin cooking if you are already blind or have low vision! The keys are an organized environment and putting safety first. Specialized tools are also available that can make cooking easier and safer. You can contact your local organization for the blind and visually impaired to find out what kinds of rehabilitation or training they offer or tools they recommend (click here to see some of the fruits of SDCB's own cooking classes, or here to set up a free personal consultation at our store). To find out about the first steps you might be taking on this delicious journey, check out these two multimedia presentations from Lighthouse International. They include illustrations of the concepts plus an option to hear the text read aloud:
  • The User-Friendly Kitchen – this lesson covers adapting your kitchen to your level of vision: tips for organizing and retrieving items, examples of specialized tools, and ways you can use lighting, color and contrast to help you out if you have some vision.
  • Let’s Cook Together – In this lesson, you get to see the tools and tips from the first lesson in action as a clinical educator and a vision rehabilitation specialist from Lighthouse take you step-by-step through cooking a dish (I have got to try that pineapple upside down cake!).
Image: A bunch of wooden cooking utensils arranged in a canister
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