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Adapting Board and Card Games After Vision Loss

trivial pursuit board gameWhether you like board and card games for the intellectual challenge, for the thrill of competition or for the social interaction (or all of the above!), game nights are something you won’t want to give up after vision loss. However, some games rely very heavily on letters, number and other visual cues; this means that some simple adaptations are in order. Specialized products like Braille dice or cards can be purchased, but many adaptations are even easier and cheaper. For instance, taking advantage of lighting and color contrast can be really helpful if you have low vision, and many of the labels or other tactile cues you may already use in other areas work just as well at the card table! For more tips, read this great article from Vision Aware: Playing Cards and Games After Vision Loss
Image: A close-up shot of the game of Trivial Pursuit, featuring game pieces, trivia cards and a die resting on the game board
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