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3 Reddit AMAs from Awesome People Who Are Blind

Tommy Edison Reddit IAmA proof pic
An AMA, short for “Ask Me Anything”, is a type of post on Reddit where celebrities and ordinary people alike open themselves up to questions from the site’s users. Ranging from funny to informative and everywhere in between, these posts are a great way to get insight into unique events and experiences. Here are three excellent ones from people who are blind:
  • Tommy Edison – also known as The Blind Film Critic, Tommy’s one of our favorite vloggers (check out one of our favorite videos from Tommy here). In his AMA, Tommy answered questions about movies, music and what it’s like to have been blind since birth, all with his usual great sense of humor.

  • Christine Ha – the winner of Fox’s Master Chef Season 3 and a blogger at The Blind Cook, Christine dishes about cooking, sight loss, and reality TV in her AMA.

  • A cook who lost her eyesight 5 years ago – for another perspective on cooking after vision loss, check out this AMA by a home cook (with the help of her son) for some droolworthy food talk and tips on making your way around the kitchen without seeing.
Image: Tommy Edison poses for a picture with a handwritten sign that says “Reddit”, one of the ways that AMA subjects typically prove their identity
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