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3 Lessons to Get Up to Speed with Braille

reading brailleDespite being a reading and writing system with a long and proven history, braille is no longer the go-to communication choice for most people with blindness or visual impairment. It’s estimated that only 10% of blind people know braille, and the system is no longer commonly taught to blind students. This may be due in part to the advent of assistive technology that can read print for people: a common myth is that braille is just not as fast or efficient as a screen reader or other device.

The truth, however, is that braille users can achieve reading speeds as fast as or in some cases even faster than those of print readers; it’s really just a matter of learning the right methods and practice, practice, practice. In this three part series, “How to Learn Braille in Six Months”, Jerry Whittle of the Louisiana Center for the Blind dispels some of those common myths and takes you through the techniques, habits and recommended manuals that will get you up to speed in no time!
Image: A close-up of a finger scanning a line in a braille document (via Wikipedia)
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