10 Essential iOS Apps for People with Visual Impairment
screenshot of accessible keyboard appThere are lots of iPhone and iPad apps out there to help people with blindness or low vision work, play and get around. This being the internet, there are also lots of lists of those accessible apps floating around. If you’re new to iOS or just overwhelmed by all the possibilities, we like this short but great list from Mac Life to help get you started. It covers 10 of the best, representing everything from essential functions like object identification and a keyboard that works with VoiceOver, to great options for downtime like audio and text games and the best audiobook app out there. Top it all off with an accessible app that finds you other accessible apps, and you’re all set! Read: 10 Apps for the Blind and Partially Sighted

Image: Screenshot of Fleksy, the iOS keyboard app with VoiceOver integration
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