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Microsoft Striving for Assistive Devices
The Microsoft logo is shown as four small squares of green, yellow, blue and red put together to make a larger square that appears to be waving like a flag.At a recent conference held for Microsoft developers, the CEO showcased a current project headed by a visually impaired engineer.
During the conference, CEO Saqib Shaikh showed a video of the engineer using the product he is creating in real life situations. “For Microsoft, the video was a clear indication of the company’s ambitions to put its technology to work solving more challenging problems than document formatting or server maintenance.”
It’s good to witness Microsoft, and other companies, developing assistive technology for the visually impaired.
Read more about the conference and the technology being created to assist the visually impaired in this article.  
To see how we can help with Assistive Technology, visit this page.
Microsoft developers conference:  Helping the blind to see, and other goals

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