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Sensory Awareness Training: Feeling Is More Than Just Feeling

Advocating-blind-book-awarenessMost of us are usually busy running our lives and often take for granted the small things that make it easier for us to stay on the go.  When you are without one of your major senses, it really throws a wrench in the way you function. We can all relate to how awful it is when we are sick and can’t smell which also affects our taste buds. Imagine how it would be to not have your vision. In this blog, the mom shares ways she has used to teach her son that people have all kinds of differences and blindness is one of them. She uses a braille book to demonstrate this to him to bring the connection closer to his understanding of having no vision. 

To learn more about programs for you or someone you know that may need help in adjusting to vision loss, click here.

Health Awareness: Blindness
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