Apple’s commitment to the visually impaired and a young staff member who’s helping to make a difference
A white iPad and iPhone lay on a table side by side.Jordyn Castor is an Apple engineer. Originally hired as an intern, her insatiable curiosity, tech skills and winning life-outlook convinced her bosses to hire her full time. The fact that she was born prematurely and as a complication, has always been blind, has done nothing to dampen her enthusiasm or curb her success.
This article on Mashable interviews Jordyn on her past, her career and her life passions. Jordyn says “[blindness] does not define you or what you can do in life.”
The article also delves into the workings at Apple and their commitment to providing accessible products to the visually impaired community without adding extra costs.
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This blind Apple engineer is transforming the tech world at only 22

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