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Assistive Technology Devices: Bringing Darkness to the Light in Your Eye

Assistive-technology-beyond-deep-space-to-inner-eyeTo quote the loveable character Buzz Lightyear, “To infinity and beyond!”, it seems that we’re getting to the beyond.  Technology is beyond amazing each passing year and the crossover applications seem to be never-ending, but most of all, surprising. Researchers that look into the darkest corners of space have reached new corners of darkness—into our eyes. The same imaging, on a smaller scale, that is used to find the smallest sparks of light in space is also used in detecting possible vision loss in the same manner. Early detection is one of the greatest aspects of this – click here to read more about the fantastic aspects and possibilities of this new technology as it relates to vision loss. 

To learn more about assistive technology beyond what you just read about click here.

Space Camera Tech Could Be Used to Detect Blindness Before It Happens
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