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5 Ways Technology Can Help You Read with Low Vision

eyeglasses and bookIf you’re a bibliophile with low vision, you may worry that the enrichment and entertainment of a good book is out of your reach. It can be particularly difficult if your low vision is due to vision loss later in life, as you may be so used to the ease of picking up a traditional book and diving right in that it can be tough to imagine how you can continue without that ability. Luckily, the accessibility of books is growing by leaps and bounds as technology keeps finding new, innovative ways to deliver information. In this blog post from Adventures in Low Vision, you’ll learn five ways you can use technology to keep on reading, from some obvious solutions like using a magnifier to some that you may not have considered (I never knew there were scanners that could read a printed book aloud!): Reading in Low Vision
Image: A pair of folded black plastic glasses resting on an open dictionary
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