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SDCB News: More Proof That Our Furbabies Are Real Family

Sdcb-news-guard-dog-gives-life-to-protectGo on, grab your tissues—I’ll wait…..OK, you ready? Over the years our pets have become more and more a part of the family rather than just extensions of it that usually lived outside. Our furbabies are spoiled rotten from being indoor creatures, to salon grooming, all the way to lines of clothing dedicated just for them.  Typical dogs are special in their own ways, but guide dogs are just a notch beyond that with their advanced training. They’re there to help us but they also protect as a secondary effect from loving its owner. This story shows yet another reason that we love our animals and how willing and able they are to take whatever measure needed to show their love of us.  Make sure you still have that tissue nearby. 

Guide Dog Dies After Incredible Act of Loyalty, Self Sacrifice
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