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Wearable Text Reader in the Style of Google Glass Allows People with Visual Impairments to Read, Navigate Easily

wearable text reader for the blindA new wearable text reader worn in the style of Google Glass, called OrCAm, has been developed by an Israeli start-up. It gives people with visual impairments the ability to "read" text and to navigate their environments. The camera is clipped to the wearer's glasses and is connected by a thin cable to a portable computer that fits in the wearer’s pocket. It is designed to both recognize and read aloud “text in the wild,” a term used to describe newspaper articles as well as bus numbers, and objects such as landmarks, traffic lights and the faces of friends. Read more here: Device From Israeli Start-Up Gives the Visually Impaired a Way to Read 

Image description: A young woman wears a small camera attached to the earpiece of her glasses
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