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Color Blindness Solution on the Horizon
blindnessGabrielle Masone’s dream, hard work, and innovation could help people living with color blindness. While studying at Dalhousie University, Masone decided to set herself to task in finding a solution to color deficiency. At her company, Colorsmith Labs, Inc. in Halifax, Nova Scotia, she is using nanoparticle technology to create contact lenses which allow wearers to see every color. Scientists at Saint Mary’s University assist Gabrielle's research.

"So, we've made the functional nanoparticles, which is super exciting, and we're just optimizing them, but we are in the testing phase of actually starting to put them in contact lenses," said Danielle Tokarz of the Saint Mary's University Chemistry Department.

Masone says her company requires a $1.5 million investment to finish the project.

The San Diego Center for the Blind (SDCB) provides vision rehabilitation services to legally blind adults who are age 18 or older. Please contact us to learn more about our programs.

“New contact lenses could correct color blindness”

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