Eliminating Blindness in Five Years

Picture Of A Woman EyesThe National Eye Institute has big plans for the next five years. The NEI has a plan to eliminate vision loss and improve quality of life through research. The endeavor includes a focus on six areas of eye anatomy and function — retinal diseases; corneal diseases; lens and cataract; glaucoma and optic neuropathies; strabismus, amblyopia and visual processing; and low vision and blindness rehabilitation.

"NEI's strategic plan builds upon the past decade's major advances in regenerative medicine, genetics, artificial intelligence, personalized medicine, gene therapy, imaging and more. It identifies research opportunities that may ultimately lead to improved quality of life and population health," Michael F. Chiang, MD, director of the NEI, said in the release. "In its final form, the new strategic plan identifies emerging opportunities across the areas of emphasis to drive innovation, inspire the next generation of vision researchers and translate knowledge into medicine. Moving forward, trans-NEI working groups focused on implementing plan priorities are designing initiatives, targeted funding opportunities, training, workshops and more."

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"NEI aims to eliminate vision loss, improve quality of life with strategic plan"

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