Family Travels Around The World Before Kids Canadian family in sand dunesLose Their Sight

When Montreal couple Edith Lemay and Sebastien Pelletier found out that three of their four children had retinitis pigmentosa, meaning they were going blind, the parents decided to give their children the best gift they possibly could.  They planned to take all of their kids on a round-the-world tour focusing on visual experiences while they still could enjoy those experiences.

The focus would be on animals and plants, so they planned to start their trip in Namibia on safari.  However, their plans to embark in July 2020 were derailed by COVID restrictions.  Luckily, Sebastien's company was  acquired and he received a windfall, enabling them to not only afford the trip but to not plan it.   They finally embarked in March 2022.  The family is able to spontaneously decide how long to spend in each destination, what to do, and where to go next.

Traveling through a number of third world countries has made the children realize how lucky they are to have all of the advantages they have, despite losing their eyesight.

Canadian family taking world tour before children lose their vision

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