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Fear of Dogs Leads to Seeing Eye Horses for Blindness
blindnessSeeing-eye dogs significantly improve the quality of life for people living with blindness. Unfortunately, BBC journalist, Mohammed Salim Patel, has a phobia of dogs which led him to give up on the assistance of a service animal, until he met Digby. It turns out that dogs are not the only animals that can serve as guides for the visually impaired, Digby is an eight-month-old, two feet tall American miniature horse.

“Having an assistance animal is something I gave up on,” Patel told the BBC. Digby gave Patel a lot more options, “I can go where I want, when I want.”

If anybody has experience with a seeing-eye horse, we are interested to hear your thoughts.

"Blind Man With a Fear of Dogs Gets a Guide Horse Instead"

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