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Fundraiser Raises Money to Purchase a Braille Notetaker
BrailleAn eye care company started a fundraiser called Holiday Lights for Sight. The company was able to raise money for a local child who is losing his vision, using a display of 20,000 lights, set to music. Jalen Rodriguez, is a junior in high school who has a rare disorder causing vision loss. Over $2,000 dollars has been raised to purchase a Braille notetaker for Jalen; the device is a specialized computer that will assist him with his school work.
“With the support of his friends, family and the school community, Jalen has learned skills and strategies to compensate for his visual impairment.”

Assistive Technology for Visually Impaired and for the Blind can help you with many everyday tasks, SDCB can help.

"Holiday Lights for Sight helping Woonsocket student get Braille device"
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