Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Picture Of A Disabled Person Using A SmartphoneTomorrow is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, a time to encourage mobile providers to fully grasp the upside of designing products with inclusion and accessibility at the forefront. Technology must cater to the blind, deaf, and physically impaired community. It’s worth remembering that the typewriter, the predecessor of computer keyboards, was invented to help blind people type. Remote controls were designed to allow the physically impaired people access to television.

Accessible technology not only drives innovation, it forges the road towards the next generation of technological advancement—progress. The above is not lost on Verizon, a company that understands the importance of inclusion. Ronan Dunne, CEO of Verizon Consumer, stated:

“As a sector, we're building a more connected world and are therefore uniquely positioned to shape a more equitable future. We need to ensure that disability inclusion is infused in every aspect of our business.” Adding, “we must build and design with accessibility as the guiding principle and co-create solutions with the disability community at the table.”

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“Why The Mobile Industry Is So Central To Inclusion Worldwide”

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