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Helping Others Go Anywhere With Blindness
blindnessJeffrey Crouch and his twin brother were born with blindness. It meant he could not have the luxury of a traditional education setting due to accessibility issues. Mr. Crouch attended the Great Lakes Cyber Academy, an online program; and, after graduation, he had hoped to earn a bachelor's degree in psychology. Unfortunately, a medical emergency would stand in his way, ultimately prompting Jeffrey to choose a new career path.

He now plans to begin a 9-month program to learn how to help other blind people regain their freedom.

"I'm going to Louisiana Center for the Blind to do an apprenticeship in orientation and mobility, which is teaching blind people how to use a white cane and have independence to travel anywhere they want," said Crouch

If vision loss is making your ability remain independent more difficult, please contact SDCB for help. We invite you to find out more about all the ways we can assist you in reaching your own highest level of independence.

“Flushing man doesn't let blindness stop him, plans to teach people like him”

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