Helping People With Blindness Use Cosmetics
blindnessThe visually impaired are a market that has been mostly ignored by the cosmetic industry even though 36 million people worldwide are entirely blind, and 217 million have a visual impairment. Cosmetic packaging isn’t designed to cater to people with vision loss; however, changes are afoot.

Sam Latif is Procter & Gamble’s special consultant on inclusive design, a new role at the company. She has a condition called retinitis pigmentosa, which stole her sight. Her job is to make sure the 1.3 billion people worldwide who have a disability can easily use cosmetic products.

“People think just because blind women can’t see, they don’t care about what they look like,” says Latif. “They think that the visually impaired don’t spend money on beauty products or can’t apply makeup so they’re not relevant to this industry.”

SDCB’s services help the visually impaired live a life doing many of the things they did while sighted. Please reach out to learn more.

“Blindness & Beauty: How Visually Impaired Women Are Changing an Industry That Ignored Them”

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