Hiding In Plain Sight With Blindness

Picture Of A Man Using A Cassette RecorderJames Tate Hill has published an interesting story about his high school experience while being legally blind. Hill lost his vision to what he described as "genetic burnout of my optic nerves." He shares what it was like discussing what he could or could not do with his teachers for the first time.

James also explains what it was like, his disability only months old, discovering how many people would ignore him because he could no longer see them. On another note, his blindness helped him realize a love for reading and his capacity to write a good story. He writes:

"It would be a long time before I'd learn the difference between how people felt about me and how I expected them to feel. The trick was letting go of the internalized shame related to my blindness. Revising how we see ourselves is rarely as easy as revising a short story."

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"Pseudonym: On vision loss and hiding in plain sight from my high school classmates"

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