How Can Blind People Pay With Cash?

CurrencyThese days, you can pay for most things with a credit card,  debit card, Apple Pay, online, Venmo, Zelle, and more.  But for those times when cash is required or preferred, how do blind people distinguish between different denominations?

Here are a few techniques:
  1. Use an app called "nant money reader" to scan currency and determine its denomination
  2. Fold bills differently.  For example, don't fold $100 bills, fold others horizontally, vertically, or in one corner or two.
  3. In many other countries (besides the US), bills are of different sizes, depending on the denomination (the higher the value, the larger the bill).
  4. Buy a wallet with multiple pockets, one for each bill type.
Obviously, distinguishing coins is easier, given that they each have their own size, and some have ridged edges.

How Do Blind People Know Which Banknote To Use?

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