How Does Braille Work?

Braille dotsWe've all heard of Braille, and seen it, perhaps on elevators and ATMs.  But how does it work?

Braille characters correspond to letters and numbers.  Each character is represented by a series of up to six raised dots, arranged in two columns of three rows each.  As with reading, characters are "read" left to right, by brushing the fingertip across the raised dots.  Some Braille uses dots to represent common words and letter combinations.

Braille is written with the aid of a slate and stylus.  Since the writer is pressing the dots downward, letters must be written in reverse order, right to left.  This is not the case with Braille typewriters or printers.

Braille was created in the early 1800s by Louis Braille.

How to Read or Write Braille

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