How To Provide Top Notch Service To Blind Customers

Blind man on speakerphoneIf you own or work for a company (or nonprofit), it's probably important to you to provide excellent customer service to all of your prospects and customers.  If you don't have a plan for how to provide great service to blind and visually impaired customers, You should.

Here are some key factors to consider in serving blind and visually impaired customers:
  1. Be Proactive:  Anticipate blind customers' needs and make plans to meet them.
  2. Ensure Accessibility:  Your website, social media, marketing materials, PDFs, and more should be accessible and ADA compliant.
  3. Train Your Customer Support Staff:  Provide your staff with training on how to be empathetic, patient, and effective in dealing with blind customers.
  4. Ask Customers What They Need:  The best way to know what any customer needs, especially a blind or visually impaired one, is to simply ask them!  Make sure your customer support staff know to do this - both during and after support is provided.
  5. Include the Visually Impaired in Marketing Materials:  Where possible, include photos of blind people and relevant text in marketing materials.

5 Ways to Help Your Company’s Visually Challenged Customers

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