Learning to Cook as a Blind Person

Blind woman cookingNews flash: blind people need to eat! Therefore, they often need to cook.  Hopefully more than just microwaving food.

This raises a number of questions, including:
  1. How to measure?
  2. How to fill pots, pans, and containers with the right amounts?
  3. How to tell one food item from another (e.g., spices)?
  4. How to pour without spilling?
  5. How to make sure your food is done?
  6. How to avoid getting cut, burned, or hurt?
Luckily, all of these questions and others have easy answers -- particularly when tasks are broken down into more manageable sub-tasks.  The article below provides some of the answers.  For example:

Make sure the cutting edge of your knife blade is facing downward before you cut or slice. You can identify the cutting edge of the knife blade without touching it. Since the cutting edge is usually curved, try rocking the knife blade forward and backward on the table top to determine when the cutting edge (which will rock) is facing downward.

How Does a Blind Person Cook?

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