Living blind as an MMA fighter
2 men practice in a gym with a trainer at the side giving instruction.Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA as fans call it, may not seem the ideal place for a visually impaired guy, but Lee Hoy is proving that’s not the case.
Born with very limited vision, Lee was bullied and taunted as a child and grew up feeling fearful and unsure of himself. Four years ago, he walked into a gym that specializes in MMA and his life changed.
He now competes against fully sighted competitors without any accommodation given for his visual impairment. In this article, he describes how MMA has changed his life and how he hopes to use his skills to help others conquer their fears.
What have you done to overcome fear? Share your tactics in the comment section.
Fighting blind: how MMA helped sightless fighter Lee Hoy conquer his fears in and out of the cage

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