MLB Players Wear Braille Lettering on Jerseys
BrailleMerle Caples is an Orioles’ fan and has been one for almost 60 years now. While she once watched the team play with her eyes, now her ears keep her head in the game. Despite Caples’ (95) blindness, she still follows her team diligently. On September 18, 2018, in honor of Caples’ steadfast dedication and other fans living with vision loss, the Orioles will host National Federation of the Blind Night. During the occasion, Orioles players and coaches will wear jerseys with their names spelled in Braille.

“It doesn’t stop you from rooting for them,” Caples said of her disability.

SDCB offers many programs that can enhance life quality for people struggling with vision loss.

Sight to behold: Orioles to wear Braille lettering on jerseys on National Federation of the Blind Night

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