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Music Helps Young People Living With Blindness
blindnessDoctors determined Levi Gobin was blind in the first year of his life. Now a seventh grader, Gobin does not let his blindness hold him back. Where the teenager's vision lacks, his ears make up for the difference. At a young age, Levi’s mother discovered that he had an ear for music.

“Music particularly, seeing him have that knack for it, it really gave me hope that he’s going to live a perfectly typical life,” said Levi’s mother. “Not just typical but extraordinary because he never ceases to amaze me. He can do just about anything a sighted kid can do and he’s very talented in so many ways. Whatever he wants to do he’s going to be able to do it.”

Throughout his short life, Mr. Gobin has had his share of struggles; being a blind person in a sighted world brings with it myriad complications. However, his motivation to continue moving forward has not waned. With the aid of music and other techniques, he can keep striving to achieve his goals.

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“Middle school student uses music to cope with blindness”

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