Persevering Despite Blindness

Picture Of Zach McLean Standing On Football FieldZach McLean is a junior defensive end at Interlake High School in Bellevue, Washington. He is known for making big plays, being both strong (6 foot 2 and 222 pounds) and fast. What’s more, McLean is also legally blind. He was born with a rare condition that limits his eyesight allowing him to see only peripherally. Zach is truly a remarkable young man who doesn’t give up despite adversity.

“Zach is driven to be great at football. He doesn’t need to be motivated daily,” said Alex Papadopulos joined the football staff in 2020 as the defensive-line coach. “Even on his worst day of practice you will find him on the field as all his friends drive home. He is always trying to better himself. It is inspiring to see a young man seek to be great at what he loves.”

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"What impact does being legally blind have on Interlake’s Zach McLean on the football field? ‘Zero.’"

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