Planning A Wedding While Blind

A couple stand in a doorway dressed for their weddingThe most special day of one's life for the majority of adults is understandably their wedding day. Naturally, preparing for such an event is demanding and stressful; everyone wants to get hitched without any hitches. You want everything to be perfect from the catering to the cake, which can take hundreds of hours of preparation. Planning a wedding is challenging enough, now imagine having to organize it while living with blindness.

A childhood accident led to juvenile idiopathic arthritis, explains Sassy. Initially, the problem only impacted her life physically. However, arthritis can affect one's vision; Sassy's condition resulted in blindness. Nevertheless, Sassy would not be deterred from planning her special day. Sassy says:

"My doctor warned me that the arthritis could affect my sight in the future – it attacks organs as well as joints – so every six months I went for a check-up. I first noticed my vision was blurring in 2007, and my eyes became inflamed and watery."

If you are living with blindness or vision loss in Southern California, please contact San Diego Center for the Blind.

From dress to venue, I organised my wedding without being able to see
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