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Removing Makeup to Avoid Blindness
blindnessIn the  May 2018 issue of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, an interesting case study appears that could prove beneficial for anyone who wears makeup regularly. Every night, millions of women around the world go out with myriad cosmetics on their face; and, when the night comes to an end, it is expected that a few minutes will be taken to wash off mascara, foundation, etc. Of course, there are some evenings that washing one’s face seems arduous and off to bed, people go. So, what happens when people opt to head off to dreamland with makeup in tow?

The case study of a 50-year-old Australian Theresa Lynch who admits not removing her mascara before giving in to somnolence for nearly 25 years. The researchers determined that built up mascara fragments lodged in her eyelids putting her at risk of scratches, scarring, and risk of permanent blindness.

"It was certainly disabling," says Dr. Dana Robaei. "She has suffered permanent scarring on her eyelid and the surface of her cornea. The symptoms are like somebody throwing a handful of sand in your eye — it's constantly irritating."

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Dangers Of Sleeping With Makeup On Include Potential Blindness

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I hope to see more updates from you. I often don't remove mascara but I rarely use. gmail email login
Posted by Lena on 02/05/2019 06:58AM