Researchers Reversed Vision Loss

Picture Of Researchers Studying Vision LossAt Harvard University, researchers reversed vision loss in mice that have a condition mimicking human glaucoma. Instead of stemming the progression, the scientists successfully inverted glaucoma-induced vision loss. The findings could lead to the development of new therapies and treatments for reversing aging and age-related diseases in humans.

"Our study demonstrates that it's possible to safely reverse the age of complex tissues such as the retina and restore its youthful biological function," said senior author David Sinclair, professor of genetics in the Blavatnik Institute at Harvard Medical School. "The findings remain to be replicated in further studies, including in different animal models, before any human experiments. Nonetheless, the results offer a proof of concept and a pathway to designing treatments for a range of age-related human diseases."

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"Reversing glaucoma damage and vision loss"

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