Sicilian Musician Overcame His Visual Impairment

Picture Of Blind Musician Michele RomeoMichele Romeo of Sicily has been playing guitar since he was four years old. He was quickly identified as being a musical prodigy. Unfortunately, Romeo was diagnosed with a rare ocular disease at age 13, which would rob him of his sight one day and maybe his ability to shine musically. However, the Sicilian musician overcame his visual impairment and produced an album in 2012, garnering him critical acclaim in Sicily.

In 2016 he moved to Boston to attend the prestigious Berklee College in Boston for a program specifically tailored to blind musicians. Now, he is working on a second album.

“Being blind is not the easiest thing. However, as a musician, I have benefited from it. My ears opened up. Before coming to Boston, I had no idea how to record my music. I had to depend on other people to do it, which was very frustrating. At Berklee, however, through the Assistive Lab Technology directed by Prof. Chi Kim, I learned how to use music software on my own. Having the opportunity to connect with a professor who is also blind and being introduced to entirely new paths, was incredibly important.”

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“Michele Romeo Is Making More Than Music”

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