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Sight-Impaired Doctor is Helping Others Discover Their Abilities
Dr Jitender Aggarwal, a dentist who lost his vision due to macular degeneration Dr. Jitender Aggarwal lost his vision in 2004 and learned first-hand about the difficulty of engaging with a community that was often inaccessible to those living with a disability. This experience fuelled his passion to help others gain the skills needed to create more inclusivity.  Since that time, he has helped close to 10,000 people with disabilities obtain skills and jobs in different sectors of business.
Read about Dr. Aggarwal's journey from vision loss to helping others who live with a disability.

If you are experiencing vision loss, we have programs to help you adjust. Visit our Programs Page to learn more.

"The story of a doctor who lost his eyesight; fought back and helped 10,000 people with disability find jobs"
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