The Blind Gift is a Story About Living With Blindness
blindnessCassandra Foster, 47, is the author and publisher of "The Blind Gift;" a book which recounts her experience living with retinitis pigmentosa. The rare disorder damages cells in the retina which causes blindness. Her goal wasn’t just to tell a good story; she wanted to accomplish something. Despite her vision loss, Foster leads a remarkable life!

"I wanted to say, 'I accomplished something,'" Foster said. "Because, honestly, I felt inadequate. I felt like, 'Where was my value?' What was my worth?' I wanted to live for something than being more than just a wife, a mother and a sister.' I had no aspirations to write a book. I didn't even know a book was in me."

SDCB offers several programs to assist people living with blindness; please reach out to us to learn more.

Joliet woman writes about her experience with blindness

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