What is it like to be blind for a day?

Sister and brotherBeing blind or visually impaired doesn’t just impact the individual, it also impacts friends and family members. Here’s a sweet vignette about a brother, blinded in a shooting, and a sister. Clearly the bond between the two is loving and strong. The sister wants to support, understand, and always be there for her brother. The brother appreciates the love and support, but has accepted that this is now his “normal”.

Still, the sighted don’t often know what it is like being blind or visually impaired. And, certainly, covering one’s eyes for a day doesn’t come close to full understanding, but it does lend a glimpse of not only what the sighted would consider “challenges”, but what is reality in daily-living for the blind or visually impaired individual. Heartfelt and revealing … take a watch.

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