What Is It Like When A Blind Person Is Married To A Sighted Person?

Man carressing woman's hairBy the time most blind people are old enough to look for -- and hopefully find -- their life partner, they have usually attained a great deal of independence.  However, in most married couples, partners want to help each other and accept help from each other in a variety of ways.  So, how does this dynamic play out when one spouse is blind, particularly when they've already achieved and are happy with their independence?

The Blind Partner's Perspective

The blind partner should realize the the sighted partner instinctually wants to help them, particularly in activity where the sighted partner perceives some degree of danger (like crossing a street), even if the blind partner has done this activity safely many times.  The blind partner should indulge the sighted partner's wish to help, and be loving, at least initially.  Perhaps after a few instances of help, the sighted partner may realize that their help is largely or completely unnecessary for that activity, and hence will be more comfortable with their spouse doing this activity without help.

The Sighted Partner's Perspective

Most sighted spouses have had little to no experience being with or living with a blind person.  They need to realize the amazing strides their blind partner has already made to achieve their current level of independence.  They should let the blind partner take the lead in asking for help when it's needed.

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