WVU Spreads Awareness About a Leading Cause of Blindness
blindnessDid you know that diabetic retinopathy is a primary cause of blindness for people ages 20 to 65 in America? Doctors at the West Virginia Practice-Based Research Network's Sight Outreach Program are working hard to spread awareness about the condition and helping detect it in patients early.

"Patients with diabetes are supposed to get an eye evaluation annually, however, in West Virginia only about 60 percent received eye care in the past year," Dr. William Lewis, family medicine physician at Harpers Ferry Family Medicine and WVPBRN co-director, said in the release. "This IRIS program removes barriers to access that often prevent people from getting these exams and can help us bring the best care possible to persons with diabetes."

SDCB offers several innovative programs for people living with blindness or vision loss. Please contact us to learn more about our services.

"WVU doctors making impact on blindness, diabetes"

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