Cooking Podcast for the Visually Impaired
visually impairedPerhaps you have heard of a PBS television program called “Cooking Without Looking.” The show features people who are visually impaired cooking their favorite recipes. Now the program is available via podcast. The “Cooking Without Looking TV Show Podcast” will allow more people to enjoy the series. The show’s creator, Renee Rentmeester, says:

“I wanted to create something that could help anyone no matter their race, gender, religion or economic status. I came up with blindness because it crosses all of those lines,’’ she said. “But, I didn’t know anyone who was blind. No one in my family is blind/visually impaired. That’s also part of the reason I started it. Most people don’t know people who are blind, and we could bring understanding to a whole group of people that many didn’t know, or understand.”

SDCB can help you or a loved one with vision loss; we offer several programs that help people regain their independence. Please contact us to learn more.

“Cooking show for visually impaired is now producing a podcast”

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