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To Medical and Other Health Care Professionals

For individuals facing changes in their vision, contacting the San Diego Center for the Blind may be the last option for living a more self-sufficient and satisfying life. 

SDCB’s partnership with compassionate eye care professionals allows continuity of services and increases the person’s ability to live as independently as possible.

To Refer a Client or Patient

Contact us in one of the three following ways, Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm:

1. Contact one of our facilities.

For General Information Please Call:
San Diego 1.619.583.1542
        Vista 1.760.758.5956

For the Low Vision Clinic Please Call:   1.619.255.9741

2. Send an email to referral@sdcb.org

3. Refer online
Fill out the Referral for Services Form on this page and print a copy for your patient.

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Medical and Other Health Care Professionals

At San Diego Center for the Blind we are committed to being a resource for medical professionals, social workers, assisted living facilities and any other professionals in need of a resource for referring and assisting their clients that are blind and vision impaired. 

Where We Are Located
In order to meet the needs of our network of medical and other professionals, we have two facilities located in San Diego County:
1. San Diego facility: This site serves clients from the South Bay, East County and central areas of the county.
2. Vista facility: This site serves clients from Del Mar north to and including Camp Pendelton.

Safe, Professionally Run Facilities
Since 1972, we have been the only private, 501 (c) 3 community-based rehabilitation center of its kind in all of San Diego County. Most recently SDCB has developed and implemented a Low Vision Clinic providing low vision optometry and occupational therapy services in San Diego. To refer a client or patient please submit the referral form below or call 1.619.255.9741 for more information.

Highly Qualified Professionals
At the heart of our program is our experienced professional staff, who apply their training, expertise and compassion to assuring the success of every client. The staff includes a low vision optometrist, occupational therapist, clinical psychologists, master level licensed counselors and orientation and mobility specialists. Our instructors have extensive experience in their selected course of instruction. More than half of the professional staff are themselves blind or vision-impaired. Their example of independence is an additional motivation for students to excel in their efforts to adjust to vision loss.


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Cause of Vision Loss

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Other Information
Thank you for the referral. Please also fax the most recent examination note and visual field report if available to 619.286.3038

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